Why your business needs a mobile App

Why your business needs a mobile App

From banking to shopping, there is an App for virtually everything today.  

Ever since its inception, the App market has grown considerably large. The normalization of smartphones created a very demanding marketplace and opened up many different opportunities for both individuals and organisations.

The number of smartphone users are increasing in millions every year. In 2020 there are currently around 3.5 billion active smartphone users worldwide.  

Many individuals and organisations innovated the way we use Apps by taking a simple idea and making it accessible to the masses in just a few clicks..The Apps today that we can create are much more capable then they ever were.  For example Uber, zomato etc. 

When we discuss mobile Apps, we normally focus on android and ios. 

Android is a great example.

Android is everywhere, in smartphones, cars, smart glasses, smart watches, smart tv’s etc. Smartphones running on android hold on around 87% of the global market share and are expected to increase over the years.

If you already own a business or if you’re thinking about starting one then investing in an App can make a huge difference.

Let’s get started by understanding how exactly an App can leverage your business. 

Accessibility around the clock

Let your App work for you while you rest.

A great advantage of an App is that it assures 24/7 accessibility to your business. 

For example, a restaurant might want to take reservations after working hours for the next morning. In this case a customer can easily navigate to the restaurant App and make a reservation through the App. Not only does it save a lot of time and expenses but it also sets the business apart from the competition by providing great service to the customer.

Businesses that are looking forward to expanding globally can take advantage of an App to operate in different time zones.

Expand the reach of you business

It’s impossible for a business to physically be everywhere. One of the great advantages of an App is that it gives your business greater exposure. 

Going back to our restaurant example;  a restaurant can build an App to take orders online, customers can browse menus and place orders online through the App which is very convenient. 

Later on the same restaurant can open more branches and use the App to take orders based on locations and also allows users to track their order, which again is a great customer service.

Marketing and sales

Mobile App marketing allows you to define your target audience and reach them. The goal is very simple; acquiring users that will stay engaged with your App.  

Mobile App marketing funnel mainly focus on awareness, conversion and retention, which covers the process of finding the leads and converting them into customers. 

There are various tools and methods that can be used to market your App.

You can start with App Store Optimization (ASO).

ASO is just like SEO but instead helps make your App more visible on the App store. you can help the right users find your App by using the right title, description and carefully choosing category. Your search index ranking completely depends on the number of downloads and ratings given by users.

Another great thing about an App is that you can directly promote it on social media, whether its twitter, instagram, facebook or reddit. By doing so you can reach more users and you can get value for money by targeting your ads to the right audience.

Once the App is on your customer device you can use various methods like push notification which are alerts that Appear on the user lock screen. They are similar to text messages.

You can notify them about anything. For eg: a new promotion, special offers, new features etc.

These methods help increase awareness of your App which in turn increase App downloads and improves sales and overall growth of a business.


Whether you want to support your business or build a business solely around an App. An App is a great tool that can be used together with other tools to establish robust business that can serve its customers for years.

You can also use a website alongside your App to expand your business. If you want to know more about what a website is capable of then click here.

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